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Monday, July 25, 2011

My husband's love letter for me today....

Hello skat,
Its me..your husband here…hope you fine and happy. I just want to inform you that I truly love you since I have realized that shortly after we have met and my love for you keep growing everyday since then…..and I have never play games with you but was serious with you from the beginning and so glad and thankful to God for bringing you into my life and have open your heart that we could love each other. I do not have any regrets in fetching you and marry you as you are special to me. I hope that I make you happy and that I do care enough for you that you wont have any regrets at all. Its good if you want to share things that you don’t have a heavy heart about things that you did not share the time before our marriage. It wont change anything as I am so happy that I am the one you have chosen to be with and willing to marry for the rest of your life. LOVE YOU SO MUCH..

This  just an informative mail to you although you know all these things..just tell you again… so much for you..

Your Husband
Ockert! very much appreciated..:) Thank you Honey....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ruby Tuesday & Orange Tuesday: " An expression of love"

I made this for my dearest husband that I loved so much...It was indeed a very effective way of expressing love to someone dear to you.I let him  read it as he opened the door  when he got home from work a month ago. He was really so surprised by that very creative way of expressing love for him. I know it was quite funny but that’s me…I love to show my feelings for him in some unique ways. So happy seeing him that time that he’s overwhelmed of what I did  and I’m still doing it until now...Surprise!!. It really feels good when you make someone special very happy in that moment of time and I know he won't forget it.hmmm good that I was able to take a picture of this.So now I could post this for Ruby  Tuesday becoz of the heart color that is red and for Orange Tuesday becoz of the oranges fruits  that were formed for those letters I and U.hehehe:) I LOVE YOU!