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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Orange Tuesday: " Wish...Wish...Granted!"

Wish...wish...wish... :)

Reminiscing my childhood years….hmmm as a child who loves music…yes it was my greatest wish to have even just one musical instrument to play. So I did have a guitar but it was a toy guitar… it has 4 strings but I know it was not the real one like what I wished to have. Of course my parents won’t give me a real one. If they did, it would surely just end to nothing. They know my attitude. I was quite impatient in doing things I can’t. I was so spoiled child and I easily get wild. I didn’t know how to play guitar that time so it was just a waste. This desire started when I saw a lady playing with the real guitar. So I started clicking my toy guitar as if it’s the real one. hehehe.It was so cool.

That wish became more intense as I grew up. I can sing. And I want to sing with the guitar. So in my college years I started to click some basic guitar chords. Then I can play some songs with those basic chords I learned. Wow! But there was a time that I just feel frustrated about playing a guitar.I want to have a guitar of my own. Yes I did save money for it but I failed again…I used the money for other valuable things. My priorities just changed, setting aside first my personal wants.

But God make all things beautiful in His perfect time.

I got married just this year and things just changed! Full of surprises …and one of that is my wedding. It was really an awesome grand wedding for me. I’m so thankful to God for  my husband. God crossed our paths for a great purpose. It’s really a dream come true. And just recently another surprise for me. A Guitar! A BIG WOW! He bought a guitar as a gift for me ! I never told him about it. It was indeed the best gift I ever receive. I wished for it long time ago and it’s really great to have it now. My wish granted! I love it truly…Thank you Lord…


  1. You got a wonderful husband to understand your intense heart that craves for guitar. First, my very best wishes to your wedding and go ahead happy days... I too had a grace for guitar in my college days and many times imagine by singing with it... some romance. Hehe... But I am just like u; know only basics of playing guitar.

  2. This gift came at a time when you could truly receive it with joy!

  3. How wonderful to have a husband who brings your dreams to reality.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  4. Congratulations! My dream to play the piano is still a dream but I enrolled my daughter and she can play well, maybe when time comes she will teach me. :) Hope to hear you singing and playing the guitar too sometime! :)

  5. congratulations and all the best! :) you're lucky and blessed to have those people around you. visiting late from OT, hope you can visit me back! thanks and have a great week. :)