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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aloe Vera Plant :To the Rescue



“Our hair is our crowning glory “I heard this line from a close older friend “Ate Alma” And I agree when she said that. That’s why I’m very much particular of my hair, how I look and how I should care for my hair. It’s a normal thing especially to us women. But through the influence of the Medias …We became super conscious and that we try to copy of what we saw on TV or of what we’ve heard on radio. Everyone wants to look more beautiful and we tried to look different from the natural beauty that we have. When our hair is curly or wavy, we want it to be straightened and when our hair is straight, we want it to be curled...Whoa! I would admit that and it’s really true to most of the women and that’s why I intentionally write this article to remind us to not extremely copy of what we’ve heard or see. We will end up regretful.
Huhuhu...I really experienced those….Just look at the photos I posted above (before and after photos) you will surely spot the difference of the two photos. The before photo was the result after so many relaxing and straightening of my hair (using chemicals ) then the after photo was the result after treating my hair. Thanks to Aloe Vera plants. Because of this plant my hair was treated naturally. My hair grows stronger and healthier every day. Aloe Vera rescued me. So to those who are struggling and not happy anymore of their hair, please use the Aloe Vera gel from the Aloe Vera plants. But of course if you doubt please don’t use this plant. I posted this article coz I just want to share my wonderful experience with this plant that treats my hair effectively.

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