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Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a thought:

Why most of the single women when they reach the age of 30 and above, they begin to worry? hmm.. I sometimes feel that, (hehehe) and most of my friends feel the same way.What i have inside is FEAR! It's quite a strange feeling, right? Maybe because of what i have experienced and witnessed when i was still a child.I saw how hard and painful it was when bearing a child from the womb of a mother. My mother experienced's between life and death i should say.But thanks be to God because my mom and I we're both alive.So that's why it's really been hard for me to forget those experiences.Now that I'm already 32 and still single, the best thing to do is to trust God for everything for my future. He knows what's best for me. Coz I'm sure if i'll do that i won't get lost.

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