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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: My pen organizer...

I bought this pen organizer at the garage store where i work. Having this stuff on my desk,I can't stop thinking and remembering of what happened in the past,( When i was still a kid)the time when i let my younger sister borrow my favorite shirt (with a yellow print that looks like that in the photo above). And you know what she did? She puts black marks on it. So I cried so hard that even my neighbors heard it,so my dad scolded me because of that. They never understand...hope i was able to tell them the true reason why i cried that hard...because that shirt was a birthday gift for me and i loved that shirt. There's no other shirt like it



  1. wow ate... my fave day -_- YELLOW MONDAY hehehe.. dasiga mag blog oi... 2lug pa ko ani ag post nimo ..hehhee...late jud sa work ..hahaha..go go go go ate..

  2. let's hope spongebob and the new kids on the block don't drown out classics like winnie!

  3. this is such an upbeat happy blog. ☺