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Monday, August 23, 2010

Beautiful Friendship #2

This woman beside me is a closest friend of mine. Her name is Che( short for Cherlita). I’ve known her as a strong woman and so passionate with her work whether be in office or in church. I do believe there's  more about her…I’ll find that out…This one thing I’ve noticed, that everytime I’m with her whether  a planned date or just a normal  conversations... things will just flow smoothly, we can talk very long but we never get tired... Amazing right?Another thing,she’s true to what she says…When she says YES, it’s really a YES to her and then when she says NO...It’s really a NO to her...a woman of her word. I learned a lot from her. Hmmm... but lately I saw her crying…I was really so amazed for really that was my first time  to see her like that. Naturally, all women are like that sometimes...can’t control the emotions when provoked to anger or to a situation with so much pressure on it.  But the kind of personality Che has…I can boldly say that she’s really a great woman. So blessed that I became one of her friends. Being her friend is never a regret…but a treasure to keep.


  1. hala i am surprised with ur post t nelj... ur too sweet;) touched with ur post...hehehe...thanks for being a friend and for listening when I have a lot to say because at times I can be the most silent type of girl if i wanted to

  2. Hehehe you're always welcome manghud!