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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beautiful Friendship #3

I met this woman through Vanizh( Her best friend). I’m so thankful to God that I have met her.We had a lot of bonding moments the two of us. May it be in a serious date talk or just a fun date.I knew her well because she opened her life to me.I know her secrets.That's why I'm so proud and I want to share my beautiful friendship with this woman (above photos) Her name is Marilou.She’s a woman of faith...every decisions, plans and ambitions possible must be in accordance to God’s will not her will. She wouldn’t be successful until this time if she did it with her own. I salute her for being so zealous in serving God through sharing the gospel to other countries. She has the heart for mission. I considered her as one of my best buds in the church, my prayer partner. If I have personal problems, I can share to her directly with no apprehensions. I really appreciate her for being so thoughtful in her own way. Hmmm…I miss her so much now… I love you girl! She’s now working abroad.

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