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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beat Your Nervous Tension

Whoa!I know it's really hard to let it go,I mean the process is not easy,especially us women. Coz women are so emotional.
But I just want to remind everyone if we won't let it go,so then expect that these things will happen:Nervous tension dulls our mental abilities,it makes our concentration difficult,it impairs reasoning powers and it inhibits memory processes. I did somehow experience all of those mentioned above especially when I'm in a hurry.Hehehe But I'm a different person now.By God's grace i can now control my nervous tensions.
I have here some workable down to earth way to keep our nerves from getting us down.Hope these may help.Based on my personal experience...

Here are some simple and practical ways/tips:

A - Condition our nerves with a bit of simple and regular physical exercise.

B - Eat a right diet. Nerves can be much calmer if we eat
a balanced diet, containing plenty of high protein food.

C - Keep calm before meals. Avoid discussing emotional problem before eating.

D - Avoid the hurry habit. Hurrying saps self confidence,hastens fatigue and decreases efficiency.

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